Jun 1 - FL - Guv Vetoes Pro-Landfilling Bill

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UPDATE: The Governor's veto was overturned in November by the State legislature.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist has vetoed HB 569, a bill that would have reversed the state's ban on landfilling yard trimming and would have fundamentally undermined the waste hiearchy by counting yard waste disposal as recycling. Governor Crist's veto comes after several weeks of intense opposition from organizations such as the US Composting Council and Sierra Club Florida, along with pro-recycling advocates from around the country.

Citing a lack of evidence to support the proponents' claims about the environmental benefits of landfilling, Governor Crist said, "Florida is a leader in recycling. I am concerned that this bill will be a step backward in our efforts."  The full veto message is below:

Veto Message