Jan 12 - MN - Minnesota e-scrap collection flat

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The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency recently released its annual report on electronics recycling, showing that the amount of e-waste recycled has remained steady. About 33 million pounds of covered electronics were recycled, translating to a statewide per capita collection rate of 6.2 pounds.

The Electronics Recycling Act of 2007 established producer responsibility requirements for manufacturers of video display devices, computers, fax machines, DVD players, video cassette recorders and various other electronics. There are now 229 registered collectors in the state and 77 registered recyclers.

The report also included 6 recommendations for legislative considerations to improve the program : 

  • Expand the scope  of the program to include printers, digital video recorders, set-top TV boxes, video game consoles and DVD players.
  • Reduce the minimum screen-size requirement for video display devices to four inches
  • Change the concurrent program year obligation to be based on the previous program year sales of obligated products.
  • Remove registration fee requirement for manufacturers who sell fewer than 100 video display devices.
  • Eliminate 6-month grace period for retailers selling brands where the registration has expired.
  • Restrict the generation and use of recycling credits by manufacturers.

Here are the recovery number to date:

Year Lbs Recovered Per Capita
FY07-08 33,600,000 6.47
FY08-09 30,293,194 5.7
FY09-10 34,700,000 6.5
FY10-11 33,000,000 6.2

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