Wisconsin E-waste Law

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SB 107 (State Senator Mark Miller)
Wisconsin Electronic Recycling Bill

Status: Effective January 2010

The bill establishes a collection and recycling system in Wisconsin for certain consumer electronic devices discarded by households, and bans landfilling or incineration of these devices in Wisconsin.

Under the law, a manufacturer may not sell a CED to a Wisconsin household through direct sale, at retail or to a retailer for resale, unless the manufacturer:
• Registers with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
• Arranges for the collection and recycling of eligible electronic devices. The target recycling goal is 80% of the weight of covered electronic devices sold three years prior to the program year. Sales include sales to households and K-12 public schools.
• Submits required reports
• Pays an annual registration fee of $5,000, and if applicable, shortfall fees


In its first year, Wisconsin collected 24 million pounds of ewaste, or 4.22 pounds per capita.

Disposal ban:

Televisions; computers (desktop, laptop, net book and tablet computers); desktop printers (including those that scan, fax and/or copy);computer monitors; other computer accessories (including keyboards, mice, speakers, external hard drives and flash drives); DVD players, VCRs and other video players (i.e., DVRs); fax machines; and cell phones.

Covered Electronic Devices:

  • Desktop Style printers
  • computers
  • Tvs and computer monitors at least 7" in diameter.

Other devices eligible for recycling credit: 

  • Computer peripherals
  • Facsimile machines
  • Digital video disc players
  • Videocassette recorders
  • Other electronic devices identified by DNR by rule
  • Cell phones are not eligible electronic devices

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For final law language (.pdf)

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources