New Jersey E-waste Law

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New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine signed A3572, the Electronic Waste Management Act on Jan 15, 2008. Revisions to the bill was signed January 12, 2009. This law allows consumers to recycle covered electronic devices for free starting January 1, 2011. Manufacturers are required to collect and recycle products based on market share.

    This producer responsibility law requires manufacturers of covered devices under the state's program to pay an annual registration fee and set up recycling programs. For covered electronic devices, recycling goals based on market share must be met annually and manufacturers that collect and recycle CEDs in excess of their goals may sell credits to other registered manufacturers to apply these credits to the following year's goals.

Revisions to the bill made changes to the TV and IT manufacturer obligations, and pushes back the implementation date to January 1, 2011.

Prison labor is prohibited.

Disposal Ban
There is a disposal ban starting January 1, 2011.

Covered Devices: desktops, PCs, monitors, portable computers, TVs

Link to the bill language for A3572
A 3343
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection